Situated 132 nautical miles north of Cairns Queensland, the island covers an area of 1013 hectares and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and pristine reef in the world.
These reefs are absolutely teeming with marine life; clown fish, green turtles, giant clams, rays, and tropical coral formations and are all a stones throw away from one of Lizard Island’s 23 pure white beaches.


Your day trip begins with a low-level scenic flight to Lizard Island will departing from Cairns or Cooktown at 8am – all passengers have a window seat to view the World Heritage listed Rainforests and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park of which we fly over.
Once on Lizard Island you have a full six hours to explore this pristine national park.
Clients booked on the Lizard Island Day Tour can choose to spend the day completely alone relaxing on a secluded beach or enjoy the company of a tour guide and small group. The day is yours to do as you wish.
​There are also many bush walking tracks to places such as Cook’s Look and Chinaman’s Ridge. Whatever you choose to do at Lizard Island, you can be sure to have a most memorable day.
Your return flight to Cairns is again a low-level scenic flight, this time via the Outer Great Barrier Reef. You will see many Sand Cays, Coral Cay Islands, Endeavour Reef, Cairns Reef, Agincourt Reef, Batt Reef and, of course, the Outer Barrier Reef.
This tour is open to people of all ages. The reef comes to within thirty meters of the beach, therefore no climbing on and off boats and more importantly no crowds.
See video below
"The whole experience to Lizard Island was incredible! The team is professional, charismatic and passionate about what they do. Great history along the flight and on the ground with beautiful reef just off the beach. If you are looking for a very personalized tour with no crowd then this is hands down the best. It felt like getting in a plane with 6 of your best friends and having the time of your life.
TEN out of TEN."
— Adam, New Zealand, November 2019
"Snorkelling was amazing, I have never seen so much colour and life on a reef and have snorkelled many places, Fiji, other parts of the Great Barrier Reef, Lorde Howe Island, this by far has been the best! The water was an amazing colour! Was a perfect day!"
— Michelle, Brisbane, October 2020
"My sister and I took the flight to Lizard just a few weeks ago and can't stop thinking about it... you do an awesome job and we can't wait to get back and try one of your trips to the outback or across the top! We are telling everyone we know."
— Tara & Tanya, United States, September 2012
"I can safely say that this day trip to Lizard Island with Daintree Air was an unforgettable, one of a kind, exclusively priceless experience that we’ll most fondly remember and talk about for the rest of our lives!"
— Tara & Tanya, United States, September 2012
"Lizard Island is a paradise. It's an unforgettable day out. Our pilot was great fun on top of a wonderful and professional service."
— Nicola, Perth, June 2019
"To me this was the only way of seeing the reef in all its splendor."
— Sean, United Kingdom, February 2018


$950 p.p. out of Cairns
$850 p.p. out of Cooktown
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